Day 4

So i ate crackers last night. CRACKERS? I felt stress and anxiety because i sat babysitting, allergic to the cats, unable to focus on a book or figure out the TV and I came home and ate. Again.

Today has gone to the shitter too. I think I am trying to cut back and restrict TOO much. It reminds me of the HCG days and those days were filled with binges and self-hate because I couldn’t hold myself to what rules I had set. I think what I need to do is add on instead of take away. January I did paleo pretty well and was happy. I was eating more calories than I think I should have, but I still felt good and full. February I got into macros and calorie counting. Now I am adding exercise. This is a really key component for weight loss. If I focus less on trying to hit a number and more on eating lean meats and veggies when I am hungry and still exercising, I think i will find more success.

God, I wish this was easier for me. I just want to feel pretty again.



Day 4

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