Day 3

I am currently sitting on a hard wooden kitchen table chair, cold, and have been for over two hours now. I can’t figure out the direct tv at my nanny house and anywhere else I sit cat dander will probably kill me. I’m a little cranky. I’m a little tired. I just ate a hunk of camembert cheese that I shouldn’t have.

Today was a bit better. I woke up and intentionally did a workout video. I sweat, and that was great but I have there weird mental thing that makes me think that that’s not enough. Nothing I am doing is enough. The only time I’ve lost weight is Witt extreme dieting. I’m scared I won’t lose it with diet and exercise. Maybe if I stop with the cheese and chocolate it may help… Maybe tomorrow is going to be a cheese/chocolate free day.

I had a shake for breakfast but has no time for lunch. I did minor snacking again. He baby was a horror show and it was so difficult to whip out the blender and go to town.

When I got home I was more ravenous than I would have liked to be. I felt bingey rather than just hungry. I roasted some carrots and ate a ton and then reheated some chicken. I also had half an avocado while I waited. Yum.

All in all my macros are not terrible but I have to eat each meal and I’ve got to be ore aware of the paleo/primal cheats. Take it easy, Greenberg.


I hope I can get some sleep tonight. I’ve got a busy day ahead!




Day 3

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