Day 2

so I ate cheese before I went to bed last night. I logged everything, felt really great and then walked into the kitchen to turn of a light and then BAM! Not even a minute later and I’m eating a hunk of Parmesan in bed. Shame on me!

But onto today. I did lots of yoga. Took a class. Taught a class. On these days I find I’m more ravenous than normal: remember this!

I had big plans for eating while got foiled by my day and lack of will power. A walk to HeirloomBakery with a blank check and a blessing from Marissa left me a little paralyzed, but I pressed on. Heirloom will exist after I lose the weight. Those treats will continue to be there. I went for a dark chocolate spicy mocha because I need coffee and it felt like a treat without eating a giant homemade pop tart. Good on me for resisting.

But then I go to the rep and the baby is in a meeting and in awkwardly sitting in the office… Next to a bag of gihiradelli chocolate squares…. And I eat one. And the two. And then two more I CANT STOP!

Damnit. My lunch is chocolate. Why is my lunch chocolate?! My belly hurts. I feel guilt. This sucks.

I eat my whole foods salad when I return and do some more little bites here, little bites there in the house. The calories aren’t adding up TOO high. But it’s not the good kinds.

I’m not even hungry for dinner so I burn my tongue on a cup of pacific bone broth and get the hell outta dodge. No more late night snackage! At least I did THAT for myself!!





Day 2

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