Day 1

Well – this morning Shanna came over and taught me how to use the kettle bell I just purchased. Then I signed up for and did a workout with Shanna. Check off moving for today! It was a wonderful work out. Now I just have to decide if I an to renew my membership at the gym too. I think it’s wise and if it wasn’t a financial thing I would do it in a heart beat.

I started with my shake with just water and coffee this morning and took my vitamins. The shake actually kept me full for about 2 hours and then I got nibbly. I ate my half of avocado I brought for lunch then and then at 1pm ate my whole foods salad. I felt full through the end of my work day at 4:45pm. I did eat a few bites of Marissa’s homemade soup at around 3pm. I wanted to try it but could not stop at one bite. I had about three – hoping I can avoid future snack attacks like that.

When i got home I found myself wanting to put something in my mouth immediately. I wasn’t starving but I decided to try a spoonful of coconut manna and then have a paleo beef stick. The manna is a ton of fat and sweet(ish). Next time if I snack I will be mindful to make it a protein heavy treat.

I just finished my second shake of the day but this time I used some almond butter and half a banana to make it a bit richer and fill me entirely for the night. It tasted like a full fledged milk shake and I feel satisfied.


The total calories of today added up to 1201, which I was thinking it was going to be less. But one step at a time and I did not eat any junk and I exercised so it is a day worth celebrating.



Day 1

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