The Night Before

Well, here we are. I’m sitting here learning Adele’s Hello on the ukulele, eating a chipotle salad, drinking some pinot grigio the wine fairy gifted me saying yet ANOTHER goodbye to cupcakes and junk. This is my third month of my discovery-to-my-happiest-self journey. I’m still fucking sad. Well really, I’m just fat. And I don’t like it. That makes me sad. So why not keep myself accountable through a blog? Why not record what I feel and be able to look back at it?


So to propose the plan for March:

Food wise, I’d like to attempt to replace two meals a day with shakes. I am not sure what meal will be the real food meal, and I do know I will allow paleo friendly snacks if I need them. The shakes will allow me to cut back on calories with restriction. I need structure. I need discipline. I have no will power.

I would like to work out once a day. I will join I will rejoin the gym. I will continue to do yoga. I need to stay active every single day in march. Let’s get strong.

I will allow myself time to decompress. I will give myself time to turn off my brain. I will not overbook myself. I will give myself the freedom to say no and not feel guilt. I need this time. It is necessary for a healthy relationship with myself.

I will not lie to myself. If i cheat, I cheat. I will not make excuses for myself. I will not play victim. I will take ownership of my choices. I have the power to choose. I will not quit.


I have 30 days. (or 31. How many days are there in March?) I will give myself this time for change.


Lets go.



The Night Before